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AI Powered and Cloud based Recruitment software

AI Powered Resume Screening

Job2CV AI Engine analyze resumes and shortlist best fit for a given requirement. On each selection or rejection of the shortlisted resume by the recruiter AI Engine learns by recruiter actions and apply that knowledge in the next cycle.

Take it all with you, all the time

With our state of art on cloud solution, allows you to access all your stuff--resumes, recruitment information, candidate interview schedules, recruitment progress reports and more--from any device like computer, mobile phone, iPod. All data backed up all the time and easy to access.

Be part of the Technological changes

All other companies are already doing it. Make your presence in the cloud and be a part of technology change. Complete the recruitment at lesser cost at lightning speed.AI Engine for resume filtering, Integrated Applicant Tracking System and Candidate Relationship Management increases team productivity.

Hire Fast and Hire Smart

You never have to worry again tracking candidates and duplicate submission of resumes. Never have to use those ugly excel tracker any longer. Track all the recruitment activates automatically and leverage data analytics and machine learning to hire best suited candidates fast.